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Austin Nissly



    Hey, Austin, we can do this nice or we can do this rough.  You decide.  We know where you’re living with Rachel.  We know your friends.  We have your numbers.

    You must be a busy man.  Working to support your four-week-old baby with another girl and supporting a 16-year-old runaway.   I would think about this, Austin.  I would think about this long and hard.  Do the right thing, Austin.  You’re running out of time…




    Sadly, it did not go as planned last night.  Rachel Rooney is not at home with her mother. Austin Nissly, take Rachel home!

    Twenty-two-year old Nissly is a busy “man.”  He is living with the 16-year-old runaway and is also the father of a four-week-old baby to another woman. 

    If you are a friend of Rachel Rooney’s, please tell her to go home.

Please check back later tonight.




    I have been advised to “say a prayer.”  I am.  Hopefully, within the next few hours, I will have the most wonderful news to report – a happy ending to the missing Rachel Rooney story.    Please take a moment to wish Rachel and her mother the best.


my name is Rachel Rooney.. i go to Penn Manor High School School... im 16.. i will be 16 n August 4th.. Add me if you want.. im pretty chill to talk to and hang out with.. if you wanna know anything message me or leave me a comment..call me if you want.. or text me ..717-314-xxxx Peace. Much Love <3
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~ From Columbia ~



    A lot of people are looking for 16-year-old Rachel Rooney.  I have received several emails linking to her My Space page.  Thank you.  I was aware of it and her mother, Jennifer Rooney, says her daughter has been logging on almost everyday to her page that is marked “private.” 

    Several concerned people, who wish to remain anonymous, traveled to Columbia today to try and find her and her boyfriend, 22-year-old Austin Nissly.  While they did not directly locate Rooney, they feel certain they are living in Columbia and made enough contacts that they believe word will get back to Rooney and Nissly.

     Rooney should be attending classes at Penn Manor High School and does not have her bi-polar medication.  She left her home on August 31 and her mother has not seen her since.

    Several months ago when she was 15, the Penn Township Police Department found her in a motel with Nissly.  Her mother called the Lancaster County District Attorney’s office and they refused to file charges.

    Nissly is friends with a number of members of local fire companies who are known to prey on young girls.  A number of people in Columbia are aware of this and have notified officials to no avail.  One incident involved a close friend of Nissly’s and a 12-year-old girl.

    Jesse, from ColumbiaPaOnline and DenverPaOnline, sent me this information on September 13, 2007 and I published it on this site the next day.  Nothing has ever been done:

    On the day of the discovery I was summoned to the Fire Company to assist with a computer issue. While working on the computer issue, one of the parents asked me to assist her with and explore her 12 year old daughter’s new cell phone that she just got from Cingular for her birthday. The mother told me that the grandmother picked the phone up the night before and found a disturbing text message to her granddaughter from another cell phone. The text had a reference about "fucking and meeting somewhere" if I am correct. When the grandmother gave the phone back to the child's mother, the mother accidentally erased it, but not before gathering the phone number where the message came from. 

    At that point I was asked to see if there was something I could do so I searched the phone, and found nothing but numbers. At this point I took the only number I had and investigated it in front of the parents, verifying it did belong to a fellow fire company fighter. (The victim's father is also a fire fighter in Columbia). After that it came to my attention from the parents that the daughter had computer access, and was on MySpace, however when she was on the service she was acting very secretive. It also turns out the accused had a my space account as well.

    With parental permission we figured out her MySpace password, and accessed her account. As I and the parents read her sent mail, and saw the replies within them from this firefighter, we were not only enraged, but knew that this was something serious that required police attention immediately! I printed out the messages for the police with all the evidence they would need to subpoena MySpace.com, and also build a case. PA law prohibits the police from interviewing minors until a place called OASIS in Lancaster City has a crack at the interview first. So that delayed the case.  On the same day I had a emergency meeting with the chairman of the fire company, and it was determined that the accused be expelled from the fire service in Columbia immediately, which he was escorted from the building as he arrived later that day, and told not to come back.

    The update to this story is I saw this pedophile a few days ago, and he still has no clue I was involved, and is now running with Washington Boro Fire Department. He was also expelled from the Columbia Quick Response Service for a similar incident involving a 14 year old girl, and nothing happened. From the people I talk to they claim he supplies these young girls with booze, and other things. The accused name is Frank Wright. 

     Becky, please use this information as you deem to help this girl, and help put this child abuser where he belongs! 

Thank You


Rachel Rooney, F&M’s “Downtown” Dulcey Antonucci and Wendy Flanders and Ben Vonderheide (click here) are coming later today…



Rachel Rooney, missing since August 31



    Who is responsible for Rachel Rooney?  She left her home on August 31 with only the clothes on her back and none of her medications for her bi-polar disorder.  Her mother, Jennifer Rooney, is frantic.  She can’t get anyone to help her. 

    Rachel has not been going to school and Penn Manor has notified Jennifer that she will be held accountable.  Rachel can’t receive medical attention without her mother’s authorization.  She can’t sign any legal documents.  She is not an adult.  Her mother says if Rachel breaks the law, she, as the mother, will be held responsible.

    Her mother believes she is with Austin Nissly, 22, a man involved with the Washington Boro Fire Department.  It seems there is a problem with several local fire departments and their members preying on young girls.

    When is action going to be taken?  Who will be held accountable.  This was posted on the ColumbiaPaOnline.com forum in early August:

    Well it looks as though our notorious 3 citizens are at it again to no avail!  Mothers and Fathers of Columbia need to be aware of 3 male individuals living on Poplar St. who are preying on 14-16 year old females for their sexual gratifications. These males are in their 20's and have been caught many times by different individuals and authorities in the act of taking liberties while the District Attorney refuses to file charges as it appears there is not enough publicity in it for him. They are well known for their antics by many of the firefighting communities and have been dismissed from some for their actions. Citizens of Columbia... Keep them in your crosshairs before they put your daughters in theirs!

    Rachel Rooney was caught in the crosshairs.  She had sex with Nissly while 15, but the District Attorney’s office refused to file any charges. 

    Rachel Rooney is a troubled child who needs to be on her medication.  She is sixteen and legally must attend school.  She can not choose where to live.  Who is going to take action in this matter and help her mother get her daughter back where she belongs?

    I will call the District Attorney’s office tomorrow.

Also tomorrow – my unbelievable phone calls to “open and accessible” Maureen Kelly, head of F&M public security (see “TRUE PUFF PIECE” below on this site.)  Who the hell do these people think they are?



    Have you seen Rachel Rooney?  She is 16 years old.  Her mother has not seen her since August 31.  Rachel is believed to be with Austin Nissly, a 22 year old white male, 5’3,” 120 pounds with a shaved head.  Nissly runs with the Washington Boro Fire Company but hangs out at a number of local fire companies.  It is believed they may be living in the Columbia area.

    The Lancaster County District Attorney’s office has refused to help.  If you see or have seen Rachel Rooney, please contact your local police department and this website.

Please check back later today…


~ May I Call You Maureen? ~



    This is the biggest fluff piece for public relations I have seen in a long time.  F&M and Lancaster New Era must think that people have the shortest memories!  Some of the most commented on stories on here were with the Ron Harper incident at the presidents "residence."  Now everyone is supposed to get a nice warm glow from this feel good piece about the head of security at F&M?  WHO really cares that she is the second oldest in her family, or that she has a house at the beach??  Wonder how much F&M paid for this "advertisement"??  Was it QUID PRO QUO??
    At least most honest publications put ADVERTISEMENT at the top of an ad that is made to look like an article.

Posted on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum under the New Era Saturday article, “She gives F&M its sense of security,” (click here).

    This is the type of reporting/writing that will get the author, David O’Connor, to the New York Times – not!  The ending is my favorite part of this joke of an article:

    Told by a reporter she might have enough stories to write a couple police books, the veteran police officer who grew up reading Nancy Drew books laughed.

    She might have to go over to F&M's writers' center and try writing "some true police drama," she said.

    Maybe she’d like to write the truth about her security force’s direct violations of Ron Harper’s Constitutional rights.  The only thing worthy of mention in this article is this gem:

    She's known for being open and accessible, which she sees as part of her job.

    "I think that's something you should do. … I can't imagine having a job like this and people can't get in to talk to you or see you. And it is my personality, too."

    Yes, Ms. Kelly, that’s why you ban so many people from F&M’s property!  But let me test the truth of this matter.  I will call you on Monday, Ms. Kelly.  Let’s talk!  I think it’s great that you are open and accessible – as opposed to President John A. Fry who “bans” a reporter for knocking on his door twice.

    I can’t wait to talk to you on Monday, Ms. Kelly – may I call you Maureen? 



     Ron Harper, Jr.                             Ernie Schreiber              F&M President John Fry



    No they didn't.  The staff at the Lancaster New Era read the Lancaster Post's story about me being kept out of the McCain event.  Their response?  Write a Puff Piece about the director of security who should have been held responsible for the debacle!  If this doesn't confirm to you the complete and total lack of any integrity at LNP then nothing else will.
    Do they have no sense of outrage about our treatment?  No – just a sense of protectionism.  Protection for their establishment brother and sister @ a school that's never cared a lick about the City of Lancaster except what it could get.

Ron Harper in an email he sent this morning about today’s New Era front page article, “She gives F&M its sense of security,” (see "SECURITY?" immediately below for links to the Lancaster Post and the New Era stories).

    The woman who is the subject of this joke of an article in the New Era, Maureen Kelly, is directly responsible for three potential multi-million dollar lawsuits against Franklin & Marshall College for their direct violation of two individual’s Constitutional rights -  repeatedly.  Unbelievable!  Way to go F&M and Lancaster Newspapers!

    You can put lipstick on New Era editor Ernie Schreiber, but at the end of the day, he’s still a pig. 

    The Lancaster Newspapers have not printed one word about this incident and F&M’s direct and repeated violations of the Constitution and Freedom of the Press.  That is simply shameful.

    The following was posted under a thread on the Lancaster Online forum about my coverage of Harper being denied access to the McCain rally (click here):

    It appears that F&M needs to be added to the Constitution shredder confetti producer list of offenders, again. Is anyone really surprised?
    The local press must be secretly rated for their "lapdog index" before being allowed access to publicly financed (in part) campaign events at publicly financed (in part) institutions of higher education named after (in part) the Founding Father who was the (in part) creator of "free" speech and press provisions of our Constitution.
    I'm not sure whether or not to laugh at the irony, cry about the loss of American freedom, or do both.


~ F&M & LNP! ~



    “Get away from me,” I cried.  “You are an assaulter and molester!”

Ron Harper, Jr. of the Lancaster Post speaking to Ed Carroll of F&M security in this week’s cover article (click here).

    Compare this to today’s Intell/New Era front page story, “She gives F&M its sense of security,” (click here).

    Hint to editors:  She’s doing a lousy job!  What a ridiculous piece of appalling nonsense!

Please check back later today…



    Well, I am confused.  This morning I went to read the Lancaster Post.  No new issue.  Over lunch I went again, this time with high speed internet.  No new issue.  I got home at 3:00 and again traveled to the site.  No new issue. 

    I call Harper.  “Where the hell is it?”  He says, “It’s been up all day.”  I say, “No it hasn’t.”  He tells me I have a problem with my cookies.  I said, “No, I don’t.”  He said you can always find it by the date – put in www.lancasterpost.com/080912.pdf.  Who knew?  And I could have read it by now!  Well, I’m off to read it.  Did anyone else go to the Post site today and not find it?  Do I need a cookie doctor?

    Have a great Friday!


Please check back later today…


~ Is This A Joke? ~


Smart in his first video



Click here for Smart’s latest video.


   Oh, my Lord!  Gil Smart has lost it!  This is a Thursday afternoon treat I haven’t seen the likes of in years.  Smart screams!  I mean - he actually screams! 

    Turn your volume down and catch a glimpse of this idiot!  The first week’s video had Gil sitting in front of photos of his wife and children trying to sound like a seasoned, veteran, political reporter.   The next week they had him in a purple/pink shirt standing and pointing his finger and carrying on.  One Talkbacker commented he looked like the barker at the circus.

    But this – this is too much!  He screams!  This is the most laughable video I have ever seen.  Right below the video it says, “Embed this video on your site.”  Are you nuts?  Would somebody please put this up on YouTube!  I’m laughing so hard I can’t type.

    Please check back tomorrow for more on Ron Harper and F&M and where is DenverPaOnline.com?  It’s not “up,” Jesse.

    One other brief note – there is a person emailing me with a very “familiar” name.  If you are who I think you are, have some guts and say so. 


And Jesse from DenverPaOnline called yesterday in the late afternoon to say his sites were back up - but I’m not finding them…Jesse, are you there?  I cleaned my cookies...

Please check back later today…

~ Again! ~




    Ron Harper, Jr., co-publisher and news editor of the Lancaster Post, said by phone this afternoon that he will take action against Franklin & Marshall College.  He was denied access to Presidential Candidate John McCain’s rally at F&M yesterday evening and was told to “leave F&M property.”

    Harper was informed that he was not allowed to step on F&M property after an incident several months ago when he knocked on the door of President John A. Fry’s home twice, trying to obtain an interview for a story he published. 

    Several days later, in a highly publicized incident, Harper was assaulted and thrown to the ground, “arrested” and held for two hours by F&M security as he was replacing a lost newspaper box on public property close to Fry’s home.  Harper alleges that Ed Carroll, a member of the F&M security force, molested him by touching his testicles three times during confinement in a holding cell on F&M property.

    Harper said Carroll and other F&M security officers were present last night when he was told by a Lancaster City Policeman to leave F&M property.

    According to Harper, he contacted F&M regarding attending the event, and yesterday received a faxed letter from their attorney, Kendra D. McGuire, of the Barley Snyder law firm, stating he could attend.

    Nancy Collins, Vice President of College Communications for F&M said by phone today that she “would not be able to comment about it.”  She said she would have to place an inquiry with their attorney, McGuire.  She said “anything related to Ron Harper has to go through our attorney,” and she asked me to send her an email which I will do.

    An F&M employee who was informed of the incident this afternoon said, “Boy, they don’t learn!” in amazement at F&M’s latest action.  The employee said there is still a lot of talk on campus about Harper’s arrest several months ago and jokes told alluding to F&M’s lawyers working overtime.    The employee also reported a rumor, and was careful to say it is strictly a rumor, that D.A. Craig Stedman sent people from his office to F&M and took statements from several people after Harper was “arrested.”

    Harper said this unbelievable development will be the cover story on this week’s edition of the Lancaster Post. 

    There will be much more tomorrow…



     Lancaster Post co-publisher and news editor, Ron Harper, Jr., was denied entrance to see Presidential candidate John McCain and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin at Franklin & Marshall College on Tuesday night.  He was told to “leave F&M property.”

     This is after Harper received a faxed letter yesterday from F&M’s law firm stating he could attend.  Ed Carroll, the F&M security guard who previously molested Harper, was present when he was told to leave F&M property.

     This is a blatant violation of Harper’s constitutional rights and simply unbelievable.  Please check back later today...


~ The Klan & LNP ~


To point ......
A line of events that have taken place at Millersville / MU.
1. Morris Dees (Of Southern Poverty Law Center) Comes to

    MU.  (A professional race baiter)
2. A few months later, the NAACP open an office on MU

3. Not long after MU installs a Black President.
4. Taxes rise in Millersville 100%.
5. Campus crime rate sores into violence. (Student stabbed after leaving party)
Gee .... Isn't diversity fun!!!! Look at all it's done for us!!! High taxes and violence!!! Wonderful!!!

Posted by the Klan under yesterday’s New Era article, “Stabbing on Millersville University campus,” (click here).

    The Lancaster Newspapers have openly allowed the Klan on their Lancaster Online Talkback forum for over two years and they have come out in full force to post their hatred and fear under this story.  It is simply unbelievable. 

     I am making phone calls this afternoon and will be back tomorrow.

Police used Tasers more on black suspects, city finds

CNN via WGAL-TV (click here).

    Houston and New Holland have something in common.  And what do the Lancaster Newspapers do?  Ernie Schreiber, the progressive Quaker, thinks it’s great!

    If someone works for an unethical employer who is breaking the law, does that mean the individual is an unethical lawbreaker?  Does Gil Smart have one ounce of integrity? 

Please check back later today…   


~ Does Smart Have Any ~



    This week Gil Smart wrote a simply incredibly stupid column titled, “When character counts too much,” (click here).  I don’t feel I know Sarah Palin’s “character” after one speech, but I don’t think character can ever count too much.  And, yes, of course, we should take experience and prior records into account when voting for a Presidential team.  What world does Smart live in?

    I don’t know much about Palin’s character, but I have been studying Gil Smart’s for almost four years and it is extremely disturbing.  He has a propensity to lie and make things up, he has no feel for the human condition and decency (remember his attack on the Water Street Rescue Mission) and he works for an unethical employer. 

    If we work for someone we know has unethical practices and is breaking the law, it reflects directly on our character.  And to begin my look at Gil’s “character,” I am reprinting a piece from June 27 of this year that I think highlights his employer’s, and hence his, striking lack of character and law-breaking activities on three highly important items:  the Lancaster Newspapers refusal to ever do their fundamental duty and question the police and the District Attorney’s office, their huge monetary involvement in the convention center/hotel and thus their unbelievably biased and slanted reporting, and their illegal, unethical and inhumane racism – and Smart’s incredible hypocrisy on that issue.  There will be much more tomorrow on Smart’s character.




    Sometimes, as you know, I am overwhelmed by the Lancaster Newspapers’ outrageous and unconscionable disregard for journalism ethics and standards and the press’s duty to hold officials accountable and to improve their community and society and to give voice to those with little or no voice.  Three unbelievable examples today:

    1.  “A Lancaster city man was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon after a six-year investigation that led police to file numerous charges involving sexual assaults of young children.”

 (See “WHY NOT SEVEN?” immediately below on this site.)

    Did anyone, anyone at all – the reporter, the copy editor or the editor - think of asking the police and the D.A.’s office why it took six years?    How many new victims were there during those six years?  It’s so absurd and sick that I will have to address this later - maybe because the man was Hispanic and his young victims likely Hispanic, it wasn’t viewed/treated as a “priority?”

    2.  The state association's gathering next year is the largest event planned for the Lancaster County Convention Center and Penn Square Marriott hotel now under construction at East King and South Queen streets.

Yesterday’s New Era article, “Center books Pa. League of Cities,” (click here). 

    I’ll let a Talkback poster take this one – and only add, of course, that it is against every journalism code of ethics in this country for the Lancaster Newspapers to be a 50% business partner in this $200 million publicly funded white elephant:

    The Pa. League of Cities, one of the groups cited to justify building the huge venue, deliberately books in a different city every year. So it would be several years before the group returned, if ever; and is no indication of future business.
    If, at 500 attendees, it is the largest event booked to date, that is truly a disaster. The venue was designed to accommodate over 2000. There is still no evidence to justify the cost to taxpayers and the squandering of the real estate to build the monstrosity. And if this is the largest event booked to date, it's worse than I thought.


    3.  But if Republicans don’t want to be accused of being racists then they shouldn’t, you know, be racist.

Gil Smart, the associate editor of the Sunday News, posting on his blog this week.

    In a city with an over 50% Hispanic and black population, the Lancaster Newspapers do not have a black or Hispanic on their over 100 editorial staff of employees.

    You are an absolute disgrace and hypocrite, Smart.  There will be much more to come on the blatant and illegal racism at the Lancaster Newspapers.


    One happy note – I haven’t had time to read much of this week’s Lancaster Post – but they have a great editorial cartoon!  The staff of the Lancaster Newspapers should take Journalism 101 and read it.  Click here for the Lancaster Post.



    A Lancaster city man was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon after a six-year investigation that led police to file numerous charges involving sexual assaults of young children.

“Man arrested for assaults on children,” Michael Yoder, yesterday’s Intell, (click here). 

    How does a reporter write a lead sentence like this?  Seriously – how?  How does this get by a copy editor and an editor and on to the front page of a newspaper?

Gil Smart


Is coming later today…


~ It Always Comes Back ~



This email in on September 5, 2008:

Miss Becky,

Regarding your contest “Find A Minority At The Lancaster Newspapers,” have you considered that some Minorities may be just too discerning to WANT to work there. No jab intended for the only "one" you have found.


My email response:

    ;-)  I have absolutely considered that.  But many people desire a good paycheck and I doubt this would totally explain their lack of minorities.

    Can you imagine the first "real" minority they hire - trying to explain to them that they are the only one....but certainly more will follow....

    Many, many years ago I worked at an insurance agency that bordered very closely to Philly.  Their racism was notorious and I remember they advertised for a job once and a black woman showed up and one of the employees said, "Well, you know she won't be hired."  Right before I left they hired this great producer (someone who brings in clients and business) and discreetly told people, that (gasp!) his wife was black and to please try and watch what you said around him.  It always comes back...

    Years later my bi-racial son had an interview with them for a summer internship and he mentioned I had worked there.  They got all apologetic and made vague references to "things changing."  They offered it to him but he turned it down for a better offer.

     Thanks for writing.


Is coming later today…


~ & Silence From LNP! ~



    It’s been so long since I could republish the headline above.  The new issue of the Lancaster Post has a front page cartoon of Molly Henderson in boxing gloves pounding Jack Buckwalter and Art Morris (click here).   Oh, happy day!  The Post reports she is eight for eight in her lawsuit against the Lancaster Newspapers!

    Please also click here to go to NewsLanc.com where they have an article about the Post and the lawsuit and also click here to read “Lancaster Newspapers silent on hiring practices.”  Thank you to Robert Field for publishing this and hopefully he will publish follow-up articles as well.


    Please be patient as today and tomorrow are very busy for me.  I will publish briefly tomorrow morning.  I will have a news round-up on Sunday that will include an incredibly stupid video by Gil Smart, and on Monday, I will publish names and phones numbers of people to contact about the blatant and illegal discrimination in hiring at the Lancaster Newspapers.

     To those expecting correspondence from me, please be patient.  It will be forthcoming.


    Several other quick notes today – I was telling a story about my father and the killing in 1950 that is the subject of the book, “A Murder in Paradise,” on the DenverPaOnline forum.  That site and all of Jesse’s community sites went down when a major line/cable problem occurred several days ago.  He hopes to have them back up by September 10.  Please be patient.  I will let you know when that are back up.  I will also be bringing the Murder in Paradise story to this site.


    These wonderful emails in from two of the winners of the “Find A Minority At The Lancaster Newspapers” contests:  From the Talkback poster “Lancaster”:

Hi Becky,

    I like Daisy's idea of donating my $26 to a charitable cause - can I pick to whom it goes to?

    If so:

Water Street Rescue Mission
210 South Prince Street
P.O. Box 7267
Lancaster, PA 17604

    Thank you and done, Mr. Lancaster.

    And this from the anonymous winner and my grammar tutor:

    Since I can read the Post online also, I would also like to donate my prize to Tornado Alley hoops. Great idea, Daisy.  The other possibility could be to have it delivered to Conestoga View for the folks there, unless they have access to the Post already.

You decide.

    I will contact Ron Harper, Jr. to make sure he gets some Posts to Conestoga View and also to Tornado Alley Hoops!  What a great idea.  I will be sending the $26.00 to David Porter at the Hoops.  (And yes, I know I used a double colon in a sentence above, but what was I to do?)  Thank you both so much!


~ At LNP! ~



        Hopkins, a Lancaster native, recalls the days when blacks could only get work as shoe shiners, floor sweepers or elevator operators in the city.

A quote by Leroy Hopkins, a German professor at Millersville University, in a Lancaster New Era story on August 29, 2008 by Cindy Stauffer, “Obama candidacy a big step forward, local leaders say.” 

    In 2008, it’s still whites only at the Lancaster Newspapers.  Please check back later today…

~ Blatant LNP Racism Exposed! ~



    The three winners of the “Find A Minority At The Lancaster Newspapers” contest are, in no particular order:


~ A Talkbacker who posts under the name “Lancaster” on the Lancaster Online forum who literally sent me this email within 10 minutes of my publishing the rules yesterday:

I'm going with 'one' total

I see an Alex Rios (Hispanic descent) Intell News Desk

I see none on the editorial staffs

I don't know what Smart is


    Smart is an alien!  Thank you - you win a one year paid subscription to the Lancaster Post and I will see if Ron Harper, Jr. will hand-deliver the first issue!


~ Daisy Lee Myers, a long time Talkbacker and huge supporter of David Porter and his Tornado Alley Hoops (see "HOOPS DREAMS SAVED" below on this site), sent me this email at 7:32 (she never uses caps):

la voz-enelly bentancourt-puerto rican

    Daisy has declined the offer of the Post saying she will read it online and to give her subscription to someone else.  I will be sending the $26.00 to David Porter for his Hoops Dreams.


~ The emailer featured in this morning’s post below, “NOT AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER,” who sent this:

    Enelly Betancourt is the only minority on the editorial staffs of Lancaster Newspapers. She is the editor of Los Voz Hispana.  She is Hispanic.

    Can't wait for my subscription to the Post.

    This person prefers not to be identified - and I don’t know their identity – but this is someone I have quoted before from emails who corrects and helps me with my grammar!  Thank you!  I will work on arranging your subscription. 


    Thank you very much to everyone else for your emails and insights.

    I have very tight time constraints today, so tomorrow I will look at this unbelievable and illegal racism at the Lancaster Newspapers, how it has affected every aspect of their publications for years – how it has had a detrimental effect on every minority in Lancaster County for years - and what we can do to find those responsible, fine and charge them, and put an end to what should have ended (over) 44 years ago.

    I hope the other news and alternative news organizations in and around the county will join me in exposing and ending this travesty of human rights and this blatant violation of the law of the land and what America and the press stand for.

~ LNP ~




This email in at 11:02 pm last night:

    Enelly Betancourt is the only minority on the editorial staffs of Lancaster Newspapers. She is the editor of Los Voz Hispana.  She is Hispanic.

     Can't wait for my subscription to the Post.

     The three winners of the “Find A Minority At The Lancaster Newspapers” contest will be announced this afternoon!  Go see Obama today and tell him the Lancaster Newspapers blatantly discriminate and are breaking federal law!


Win A Subscription to the Post!



    This email in from the Obama campaign this afternoon:

Please join Barack Obama at a campaign event in Lancaster, PA, where he will talk about his vision for bringing America together and creating the kind of change we can believe in.

Barack Obama in Lancaster, PA
Buchanan Park
Race Avenue
and W. Frederick Street
Lancaster, PA

Thursday, September 4th

Gates Open: 3:00 p.m.
Program Begins: 5:00 p.m.


    Could the timing be any better for the “Find A Minority At The Lancaster Newspapers” contest?  Absolutely not!  We will find out how well the Lancaster Newspapers have followed and obeyed the 1964 Federal Civil Rights Act.  We will find out, 44 years later, to what extent they have integrated their newsrooms, followed the law, followed human decency and the need for their employees to reflect the community they report on.  Wow!

    Official Rules:

    As I recently told someone, this is not rocket science folks!  This requires common sense, an eye for detail, an excellent memory and the willingness to dig deep and use every resource within your power to try and unearth a minority working in the editorial departments of the Lancaster Newspapers.

    So here goes:

    1.  The Lancaster Newspapers handily post a list of their editorial employees!  Wow.

    2.  This is simple – go to each paper and find the minorities:

         The Sunday News list is here. 

         The New Era is list is here.

         The Intelligencer Journal list is here.

    3.  When you have crossed off all the known white employees and have a few straggling names, you may use any means possible to determine if one of them is a minority.  You are free to call or email them and ask.  You may stake out the front of 8 West King Street to watch them enter the building.  You may call their editors and ask.  You can call anyone who might know them and ask.  Be creative!  Have fun.

    4.  If you believe you have found a person(s) of color, or a person of Hispanic or Asian background – email me their name(s) - BeckyH209@aol.com.

    5.  The first three people to send me an email with an accurate minority will receive, compliments of LIPNews, a free one year subscription to the Lancaster Post!  Really!  And it’s that darn simple. 

       Please note below the proper definition of a minority:

      ~ Black – must be 50% black in origin.  For example:  Obama would qualify.  The same goes for Hispanic and Asian.

    Okay, folks.  The race is on!  Get those pencils out and send me an email just as soon as you can.  If you are one of the first three winners, you will receive a one year, paid, subscription to the Post!   I’m so excited!  Does it get any better than this?  Of course, the winning emails will be published here (authors names withheld if they prefer).


     One other note, Jesse from DenverPaOnline, reports he has a serious cable/line problem and all of his community sites are down.  Jesse hosts his own websites.  He expects them to be up again by September 10 and asks folks to hold on.  I can hear the groans… There will be much more on this tomorrow.



    This email in:

    I don’t think you need a long list of prizes for your “Find a Minority at the Lancaster Newspapers” contest!

    Hmmm…whatever could they mean?  And where is DenverPaOnline.com?  Jesse?

    Please check back later today…


~ Dave Porter ~


 "A bad thing has turned into a good thing,” David Porter said by phone early this afternoon.  “The community is being very responsive.  They are keeping the dream alive.  It’s been six years going on seven.”

    Porter was talking about the damage to his basketball backboard that he first posted about yesterday on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum (click here) and there was also an article in this morning’s Intell (click here).

    Porter said several people have stopped by with donations and he’s gotten a number of phone calls.  He said some people have also been offering their time and help.

    One other piece of good news – Porter said the 8-year-old boy who threw the stone that shattered it did not mean to do the damage.  “He didn’t know,” Porter said.  “He was nervous and scared this morning.  He said, ‘Can I still play there?’ and I said ‘of course.’  I told him he could help Tornado Alley by picking up the trash in the evenings sand he volunteered to clean up every night.”

    “People want improvement in the community and this is the way to do it and they know it,” Porter said.

     Under the thread he began, several posters suggested it was time for the Lancaster Newspapers, Dale High, Gib Armstrong and Mike Sturla to step forward and help.  Porter said he is still waiting to hear from those parties.

    What a wonderful story!  Please continue to help.  You can call Dave at (717) 392-5428, you can stop by Tornado Alley at 105 Ruby Street in Lancaster or you can mail donations to David Porter, 105 Ruby Street, Lancaster, PA  17603.  Let’s keep the community response coming so the backboard can be replaced just as soon as possible.  Please click here for the Tornado Alley Hoops website.  I think Dave will be updating it soon to say the hoop dreams have not been shattered - but improved!

    This is such a wonderful and important story that the official rules and list of prizes for the “Find a Minority at Lancaster Newspapers” contest will come tomorrow.


The official rules and list of prizes will come later today…


The Lancaster Newspapers are now running an ad for their hoped-to-be-advertising-cow website, LancMoms.com.  Yes, they really care about the children.  Unbelievable!

~ Teach Your Children! ~




"We are asking all parents to call (Gib Armstrong's) office and write him e-mails," Rosario said. "We expect him to be accountable to us. This isn't right."

(From yesterday’s  New Era article, “Armstrong under fire for his vote on school funding.”  A link is provided below.  Click here  for Armstrong’s website.  His phone numbers are on the right-hand side.  Call Gib Armstrong today!)


    It is surreal to me.  How has this happened?  How can this be stopped?  What will we do when this $200 million dollar tax-payer funded white elephant fails?  How can a newspaper company – and a racist one at that – be involved in this?  What will it take to expose the layers of corruption involved in this project?  When will the community say enough?  When will the Lancaster Newspapers be exposed and charged for their gross misconduct and illegal and immoral activities?  It is surreal to me. 

    The below email in from Artie See (thank you very much).  LIPNews will not publish this afternoon – please check back tomorrow.


    The additional $3.2 million that the LCCCA was promised by Sen. Gib Armstrong is NOT for the Penn Square Partners.  There is another $2.8 million request for State taxpayer dollars by the Penn Square Partners, which according to LCCCA chairman Art Morris is being dealt with as a separate issue.  The total additional amount being requested for the hotel and convention center project is $6 million.
    But that's not the end of the story...
    When the final hotel and convention center budget was approved and the construction bonds sold in late March of 2007, Sen. Gib Armstrong promised to provide $1.5 million to close the convention center's budget gap.  According to Art Morris, this money does not yet exist, fifteen months after it was originally promised.  Both the originally promised $1.5 million and the additional $3.2 million are being requested at the same time as a part of the State's 2008-2009 budget, which is currently being negotiated.  The PSP's $2.8 million is yet another request.
    But it's not an "earmark".  Instead, the request is for an increase in the amount of RCAP funds that can be provided.  This was not stated publicly, but there is a possibility that this means funds will be diverted from other potential RCAP grant recipients to the hotel and convention center project in downtown Lancaster.
    At the same time Sen. Gib Armstrong is strong-arming his fellow State Senators and Representatives for an additional $7.5 million subsidy to the hotel and convention center project, he is trying to deny the School District of Lancaster a
badly-needed $5.2 million in State funds.  The sad fact is, Lancaster City and SDoL taxpayers will be paying higher property taxes as a direct result of Sen. Gib Armstrong's twisted funding for the hotel and convention center project.


The NewsLanc.com article is here.

The New Era article on Gib Armstrong and school funding is here.


~ $3.2 Million For LNP –

Nothing For Students! ~



    There’s a lot going on – but this is so important it has to take the front page today – from NewsLanc.com (click here): 

    The Lancaster County Convention Center Authority has $400,000 in expenses it cannot afford to pay as of May 31, it was reported Monday evening.

    …Chairman of the Board Art Morris said that the Authority is "absolutely relying on" assurances from State Senator Gib Armstrong of $3.2 million in state grants for the project once the State Senate passes its 2008-2009 budget.

    That wasn't in the Lancaster Newspapers, but we have this article in today’s New Era, “Armstrong under fire for his vote on school funding,” (click here): 

    Rosario said that Armstrong came to the School District of Lancaster three years ago and asked the school board to approve giving a tax break to the private companies funding the downtown Lancaster convention center.

    … She said "he had the nerve" to ask that of us and then now "work against his own constituents."

    The first post under the New Era article is this:
Armstrong has sucked at the taxpayers’ teat for so long he is out of touch with reality.   The only sad thing is the sob is going to retire, and there is no real way to make him accountable.
    Hey Gib, you've earned your living off tax dollars for how many years?  What will you do with your pension money now? Did it feel good to Shepard legislation through Harrisburg to allow the CC, then fund the CC, then screw the municipalities out of tax revenue by shielding the CC?   Maybe you could at least fight to change the funding formula for special education monies before you depart.

     This is unbelievable.  And on top of everything else, we have a newspaper desperately relying on a state senator to bring them $3.2 million.  Unbelievable!  Journalism ethics, anyone?

Please check back tomorrow…



    You know, I saw “BeingReal” post under the “Pickup strikes 3 cows, kills 2” article and I was sure she was going to post her standard - something like this:

    The two dead cows will be in my thoughts and prayers and I wish a speedy recovery for the injured cow.

    Surprise!  No, instead we get this:

    I tend to agree with you, DC, but there are questions that I have that are unanswered in the article, such as: Was he crossing from one part of his property to the other? Is this road heavily traveled or pretty much just used by his neighbors (who know he moves livestock from one pasture to another from time to time)?

    Say what?  Can you say over-analyze?  Can you say get a life?  Who cares if both sides of the road were his property?  He was crossing a public road.  Is the road heavily traveled?  Why don’t you go there at 5 a.m. and find out for yourself?  This man apparently travels it everyday to get to work and he was driving too fast and he killed two cows and injured a third and wasn’t wearing a seat belt.  He’s very lucky he wasn’t badly injured.  End of sad cow story.

   Can we have a reality check, please? Check back later today for forums, nutjobs, the return of Moe, Larry and Curly - and The Crow – and Ron Harper continues to dominate and much, much more. 


    Did I say it was the end of the cow story?  Well - people suggested the farmer should have had more than a flashlight and this was posted:

    O.k.   I got it. How's about the farmer puts up billboards, cones, flashing lights, calls in the local law for their flashing lights, hires a flagman, sets off fireworks, puts up airport beacons, builds a lighthouse, puts a reflective light on the cows butt, miners light on the farmers head..... gee did I forget anything?  Obvious none of you were ever on a farm.

    What a hoot!  Forums can also be fun.


~ Better Lovers? ~



    After I became sports editor of the Intelligencer Journal in 1977, I heard a speaker at a seminar put it this way:
    "Every man knows he's a better driver than you, a better lover than you, and if he had the chance, he'd be a better sports editor than you."

Marv Adams, Sunday News editor in his column this week, “Take two, hit to right.”

   Marv, we know about your illustrious newspaper career already – but please, please, please don’t ever use the word “lover” again!  It gave me such a chill I had to hide under my bed!


    Which leads to this opening sentence from Gil Smart, associate editor of the Sunday News, in his column this week, “The fearful world of conservatives”:

    So how many hours a day does your average Lancaster County conservative spend cringing beneath the bed, quaking in fear over how Mighty Iran might destroy us?

    I will answer your question, Gil:  Two hours, twenty minutes and exactly 10 seconds.  Moron.  Am I sensing a theme here?


    Crime summit - can you believe they asked him to be a panel member?!? Purely to suck up.

    An email from a friend who sent me the lovely picture of New Era editor Ernie Schreiber immediately below on this site.

    I can and do believe it.  That was easy.  Hey, Ernie, where’s your wedding ring?

    Did you see today’s New Era front page headline, “Greg & Ernie?”  What a hoot!  And you don’t think they read LIPNews?  Of course, that would be actor Ernie Borgnine, who, when I saw him in a movie as a child, also sent me under my bed with a serious chill.


    There’s a new poster on the Talkback forum with the name “Right of Smart” who posted, in part, this today about the Smart one:

    It cracks me up to see an old white newspaper with a far left Lib editor railing on Fox when he is surrounded by the real problem:  Institutional Racism.

    Another Talkbacker immediately asked, “Becky?”

    No.  I’m not right of Smart by any means.  And I would never refer to Smart as a “far left Lib editor.”  Smart’s just stupid and a lousy liberal. 

    But I do appreciate the poster coming out from beneath their bed to point out the incredible hypocrisy of the Smart one.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again about the racism at the Lancaster Newspapers – it’s illegal and unconscionable.

[Editor's note:  I don't believe the new poster is The_Crow, who recently was posting as "KungFuPanda."  I predicted on ColumbiaPaOnline.com yesterday that he would be booted by noon today.  It seems I was right again!  Time will tell - quickly - if this very new poster is yet another reincarnation of The_Crow - the very disturbed Steve Markle.]

Please check back tomorrow…


Ernie Schreiber 


Please check back later today…


~ And “The Nice One!” ~


    It was inevitable that a recipient of the Puff Piece of the Week would be one of the individuals who inspired this column – Intelligencer Journal “reporter” and “columnist,” Dave Pidgeon.

    Absolutely no one in the Lancaster Newspapers’, Inc. family has so fully rolled themselves into the LNP tradition of lazy reporting and bad writing as the self-adoring Pidgeon.  Combine that with a posed smirk that perfectly reflects a combination of lack of talent, inexperience, arrogance, and stupidity, and you have in Dave Pidgeon from Holtwood, what is known in satire as ‘the complete package.’

    Pidgeon makes his first appearance here with a demonstration of self-puffery that would make even the great Donald Trump jealous.

From this week’s edition of the Lancaster Post.

     I’m jealous of whoever wrote the above.  That is just good writing and good stuff.  And it’s true and I enjoy it all so much! 

    The Post is referencing Pidgeon’s column, “A voice from the past and a hope for the future,” (click here).  What does that headline even mean?  These are my favorite sentences:

    And, for the sake of my future children, I hope someone of his caliber can fill the "Meet the Press" chair on Sunday mornings so they can see, as I did, the world broadcast into our kitchen. And learn from the best, as I did, how to respectfully hold America's leaders accountable.

    Dave, I’m sick of the “my future children” line already.  We know you’re engaged.  Get married and start having them for heaven’s sake!  And you did a really good job of holding Lloyd Smucker accountable for his $185,000 lie.  And that’s only the tip of the iceberg, Dave.


     But I digress - have you read this week’s Lancaster Post?  It’s really good!   From the front page article by Ron Harper, Jr., to the excellent article by Artie See on the convention center (“Why Here?”), to the sign District Attorney Craig Stedman has installed in the courthouse, to the editorial which explains the Turkey Hill situation, to the restaurant review and the recipe column, this is a really excellent issue of the Post.  (Sorry, I don’t read sports – but I’m sure those articles are good as well!)

    Hard to Please, their restaurant reviewer, has this tease in his column:

    On this day, I was accompanied by one of the two pillars of the Post (the nice one). 

    Is it Ron or Chris?  You’ll have to read the review to find out!

   Oh, and did I mention the editorial cartoon and the “famous” picture of Mayor Rick Gray in his too small Obama T-shirt.  Rick, some advice:  Call Daisy Lee Myers – T-shirt expert extraordinaire!

Click here to read the Lancaster Post.


    One other quick note – I would like to thank Robert Field and NewsLanc.com (click here) for posting a link to my site!  Thank you.  I am honored.    And make sure you read their "Watchdog" column on the left.  Is Ron Harper, Jr. really "banned" from F&M property?



Memo to:  Helen Colwell Adams

From:  Becky Holzinger, Lancaster Independent Press

Re:  “Decency, ethics and integrity”

You’re an idiot, a liar and a disgrace to journalists everywhere.  Resign.

Please check back later today for a St. Patty’s Day mystery (really!)…